The Songwriter

Joe has written and recorded many songs. Some of these he's done on his own, but mostly owes a debt of gratitude to the co-author on most of his songs, his vocal coach Janie Barnett.

Joe literally lives next door to Empire State Studios, run by Tommie Sox. Joe gives Tommie the highest recommendations to anyone looking for a high-quality yet cost-effective recording studio. It was at Empire State Studios that he's recorded most of his original recordings.

Here are all of Joe's songs available on many download sites:

    • CD Baby (you can purchase physical CDs here too!)

    • VibeDeck (Joe gets 100% of every purchase made here, so it's cheaper than the other sites)

You can also order physical CDs at CD Universe

Here's Joe's CD Baby store right here:

You can hear many of his original songs for free in the player below:

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You can also catch Joe performing his original songs on his YouTube channel.

Music X-Ray has provided Joe with an on-line tip jar. If you're in the mood to ever fund any of Joe's efforts, please feel free to throw something in there!!