I've been given many nicknames in my day. In grammar school it was usually something derogatory. =*) When I got to high school, it was still derogatory, but now it was more tongue-in-cheek, so I didn't take it personally. As the performer and avid music fan I became as an adult, these are the nicknames that have stuck:

    • Dancin' Joe - This is the only nickname I continue to use to refer to myself. While it as given to me by other people, it was so many different people in different circumstances, that I feel I have the right to refer to myself as such. It, of course, comes from my desire, ability, and fervor for dancing while watching live music. I have adopted it as my karaoke name, especially on the New York City Band Karaoke circuit. I use it mainly to distinguish myself from all the other Joe's that would be there.

    • Disco Joe - This seems similar, but I list it separately because the name was given to me by Scott Shannon and Todd Pettengill of The 95.5 WPLJ Big Show. They've grown to know me, mainly through my best friend Jason Block ("The Cuckoo Clock", as they refer to him), and his appearances on many game shows ("Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?", "Jeopardy", "Wheel of Fortune", "Twenty-One"). They gave me the name for the very same reason that I got "Dancin' Joe".

    • Jukebox Joe - One of my favorite names, given to me by John "Johnny Mike" Harvey. It refers to my superhuman abilities to remember many, many song lyrics, and APPEAR to know song lyrics, even when I don't. I often use this ability to act out songs which I'm performing, as well as to coach other singers when they're performing, so as to keep them on track if they lose their place. Memorizing lyrics helps me in band karaoke performances, because I can concentrate on performing, instead of reading.

    • Elvis - I'm pretty sure it was Nestor Camina who originally referred to me as Elvis, but pretty soon all my Shore housemates at Glimmerglass Cove in Manasquan, NJ started using it. While one would initially think this refers to my love of singing, dancing, and performing, it was given to me because of my leather jacket with the American flag on the back. it apparently looks like something Elvis Presley would have worn.

    • Melosh - Given to me by my former coworker/boss, Erik Palfrey, this soon became an office nickname, and even Erik's wife Annemarie started using it. It's merely a play on my last name, and has no other significance. I almost forgot ot mention it, but Erik would be very offended if I didn't. =*)

    • Tab - Given to me by poker buddy Mike Cosenza, it developed when, instead of bringing beer for myself to drink at the games, I'd bring something more helpful in my endless quest to lose weight. I found in the Sunnyvale Grocery two blocks from me a six-pacxk of Tab Cola. Given that no one is sure if Tab is still made regularly, I thought it would be funny if I brought it. I was right. None of my poker buddies see Tab ever in their travels unless I bring it for a poker night. Hence, the nickname.

    • Brainiac - One of the very few nicknames that I got in grammar school that wasn't derogatory was Brainiac. It's pretty self-explanataory: I was the smartest kid in the class. I kinda like the fact that no one realizes that I'm THAT smart now!! BUT, just to remind people:

    • Jojo - Originally given to me by Brooklyn music legend Robert Santa, the name was absorbed by long-time employees of my long-time local watering hole The Wicked Monk: Maria Mangiameli and Kyle Adamski. Pretty soon, the entire Wicked Monk started using it to refer to me, never knowing its true origins. I'm extra careful about not spreading this nickname around, because I kinda want it to belong to The Monk. When I hear myself referred to as Jojo, I know I'm home. However, the one exception to this is my nephew Christopher Walsh, whose mother (my cousin and eldest goddaughter Ariane Melillo), in order to distinguish me from his Uncle Joe (my father), had taken to referring to me as "Uncle Jojo" before now settling on "Uncle Joey". Like I said, I know I'm home..... =*)