Climb High

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written by Joe Melillo and Janie Barnett

Joe Melillo: vocals, harmonica, backing tracks

Backing tracks composed on Band-In-A-Box.


We don't come from the same place

But life is not a race

It's not from where you start

It's the desire in yor heart

The road ahead might be unclear

But there's no need to fear

Be the best that you can be

And only then can you be free


Climb high

Higher than you think you could

Just try

To go higher than you think you should

You can fly

And go higher than you think you would

And know why

Climbing higher is always good

Others will hold you back

And tell you that you lack

But just know that it's true

That only you can hold back you

Believe you deserve the best

And don't listen to the rest

Give yourself all that you can

And grow into a great woman or man


Don't hide away in a hole

Just build yourself up whole

You deserve to be the tops

So don't you ever stop


Climb high (x2)