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So here are the details about my potentially-paid original show on Thursday May 3rd at Prohibition (503 Columbus Avenue, Manhattan):

The show does cost $11 ahead of time, $13 at the door. You won't only be paying to see me, but three or four main acts and other acts like me as well. The show starts at 7pm and is estimated to finish at about 11pm. I don't know when i'll be going on as of now, nor exactly how long my set will last (I assume it'll be between 30 and 45 minutes).

You can buy tickets on-line at

You can also buy physical tickets directly from me. I'll hopefully be carrying them around everywhere I go.

You can get a $2 discount before Wed Apr 25th by using the promo code JOE377.If you buy the tickets directly from me, I'll make sure this code in honored before Wed Apr 25.

The more tickets I sell for this show, the more I'll get paid. I'll also get preferential treatment as to when I'll go on, including being able to select my own start time if I sell enough. However, if I don't sell up to 15 tickets, I won't get paid.

Some people are looking to buy tickets and not attend, just to help me out in my time of unemployment. Please do NOT do this!! Your money is NOT guaranteed to find its way into my hands!! If I don't manage to sell 15 tickets, I won't be paid anyway, and your money will be wasted.

If they allow me to perform, I will, whether I get paid or not. I promise you the best show I can possibly put on, as I always do.

Thank you all for considering attending this!! Remember you can learn all about what's going on with me on the following sites (besides this one, which is my own):






Parker The Platypus:

Parker on Facebook:

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