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Most of this information is after the fact, but I'm finally getting around to telling you all about it!!

  • Last week the Parker The Platypus and Parker Helps Hubert The Hippopotamus books were featured in Publishers Weekly, pretty much the largest and most widespread literature catalog in the world. The catalog is distributed to thousands of bookstores and libraries. This week, Parker Befriends Bertram The Bat is in the catalog. Hopefully, this will generate some interest in the books!!

  • My song Climb High, my dedication to iMentor, was reviewed by Logan Alston. The video review can be found here. What I like about this, aside from the fact that it's pretty positive, is that the video shows him listening to the song for the first time as he opines about it! This allows him to give his gut reaction, which is the most important reaction of the music consumer.

  • I'm now appearing at Original Thursdays at The Greenhouse Cafe every two months now, instead of every month. My next performance will be on March 24th at 8pm.

    One of the songs I'll be performing is the debut performance of a song I just wrote during Jonas (the recent blizzard in the Northeast US, for those who don't live here), called Snowbound. Props to Janice Higgins, who had the same inspiration I did to use the time being trapped indoors to write!! I don't know if SHE actually wrote a song at that time, but we both had the same idea that I should!!

    I haven't finalized my set list yet, but I'll be doing songs from my first album 1 Step Toward 1000 Miles, songs from my second album Parker The Platypus, the aforementioned Climb High, and maybe some other unreleased songs!! Come down and see me and a bunch of other fantastic performers from the area!!

Well, at least I got all the news out before it became totally irrelevant!! Don't forget, besides this very Web site, check out these other links to find out more about what I've got going on:

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