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  • Before I have even decided all the songs that will be on it, I have designed the cover to my third album!! The photo and the name came from two entirely different places:

    The name came from something a Java teacher of mine said about me once. It was like Java 102, and he taught us Java 101, so he was going around the room seeing whose name he remembered. He took about 10-15 seconds to try to remember everyone's name, and some he couldn't remember, but, at the end, he announced the last name very quickly: "And, of course, Joe!!" Janie (my vocal coach) thought it would make a great name for my next album, so there ya go!!

    The photo many of you have seen on Facebook, and it's an actual photo of me sitting in the actual dugout of The New York Mets at Citi Field!! It was part of a VIP Tour I got of the field, and people seemed to like it, so I not only used it as my Facebook profile picture, but the cover of the album as well!!

    And now, without further ado:

  • Every morning, I perform a Web search on myself and my merchandise. I like to see where my albums and books become available, as well as see how high up on search lists my links end up.

    I managed to find this link that discusses the meaning of names. Apparently, they also do a Web search on the name, and show prominent links related to that name. So check out what ended up on the link for the name Hagopian.

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