The Mentor

Joe is a long-time volunteer with the amazing New-York based mentoring group iMentor. He has in fact been associated with it longer than any other human being on the planet, except for President Caroline Kim Oh and Board Member Rich Buery.

To date, he is the only recipient of the Commitment To iMentor Award, an award created for him, which is awarded to people involved with iMentor on the basis of time served and accomplishments.

To date, Joe has had a total of eleven mentees in his time with iMentor, including his current one. Aside from his current mentee, he is currently Facebook friends with two former mentees (and one "unofficial" mentee he sort of adopted over the years), and in e-mail contact with a third.

Joe often mentions that iMentor is the most important thing he does with his life. While the other tabs on this Web page are all cool, iMentor is his opportunity to do real good, and make a difference in the lives of underprivileged high-school students.

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer mentor with iMentor, click here. To donate to iMentor, click on Joe's personal iMentor donor page here.

Joe's admiration for iMentor is so great that he recently wrote a song in their honor entitled "Climb High"!! 100% of the proceeds from this song go directly to iMentor, so this is yet another way to donate to them! You can preview and purchase the song for download here. Unfortunately, physical CDs aren't available for purchase. However, if you would like to purchase one, you should contact Joe directly by clicking here.